Getting Married in New Braunfels

New Braunfels Lifestyle Magazine is very excited to be adding a bridal section to our publication. The beautiful country landscape has provided the perfect background for lovely rustic venues to crop up and we just couldn’t wait to share images and stories of them all.  Stay tuned for progess on this special section of NBLM.

Getting engaged and planning a wedding is truly an exciting experience but if not planned thoughtfully, it can become a daunting task. Between all the details to consider and trying to pull in the culmination of all your dreams can get a little complicated…but, no worries! There is definitely a team waiting to help you make it to your dream wedding and New Braunfels is teaming with wonderful wedding experts.  Please visit some of our local vendors or reach out to our venues and planners for options and check back regularly for updates to our “New Braunfels Lifestyle Magazine – Getting Married in New Braunfels” page for regular blog posts and special vendor features.

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New Braunfels Wedding Guide